Supportive Equipment

In the field of rigging and special transport, there is always a need to push further and utilize all assets, other than the machinery and operators, in order to complete a job faster, and more efficiently. And that is when the supportive equipment comes in hand.

It’s all about the variety of tools, that through all our years of experience and field practice, we managed to optimize our collection of equipment. That way we can provide solutions to places that crane access is limited, and our clients get the outcome they need, when they need it. Some examples of our equipment, are listed below:

Man baskets (for 2 and 3 people with equipment)

Crane forks

Spreader beam

Chain hoists (from 2 to 5tn capacity)

Pallet trolleys

Hoisting table – mounted on wheels

Machine skates & hoisting jacks

Fork mounted hook

Fork mounted telescopic boom crane

Generators ( up to 400kVA)

Water pumps