Lifting services

Since our main field of practice is mobile crane rental and special transport, we developed a procedure, regarding the way we plan and execute our work. Taking into consideration safety and competence, we follow three basic steps on every job.


Risk assessment


Of course, for every lifting operation, preparation is fundamental. In order to be fully prepared, we must visit your worksite, get the information we need, and then proceed to work planning. That way we can suggest you what type of machinery you will need, and (if necessary), any supportive equipment. The importance of preparation is one of our top priorities, in order to rule out all hazards, and keep all operations safe and efficient.


Lifting operations are closely connected to the field of transport. Consequently, we provide with transport services, all within the limits of safety and responsibility that define our company. Furthermore, in cases when the transport is considered special, we can provide for all legal permits needed to complete it.

In conclusion, by covering the field of transports, we provide for our clients a full service of crane rental and equipment transport, to suit their needs and meet their expectations.

Working in areas of limited access

It’s one thing to operate a crane in work sites, and another to operate cranes inside the city. In numerous occasions our clients wanted to gain access on multi-storey buildings, at the hearts of big cities. We can provide the equipment, and all special permits to set up a crane, anywhere possible!

But, there is always a case where crane reach is limited. Although, you will see for yourself that our company can provide with equipment & personnel to reach in places most people would not imagine. That way, we can complete tasks of placing or removing equipment from the inside of buildings, rooftops, even basements.